By Anthony Allen / February 21, 2016

Make up application has been an integral part of women lives and even some men in the society. Its great consideration has increased in the recent past. Satisfactory results are only achieved if this art is performed in the right manner. However, your health is paramount when compared to beautification hence you must be cautious. Each make up has its application place specified by the manufacturers. Some of the most commonly used make up include: eye pencil, lipstick, powder, lip-gloss, eye shadow, mascara and foundation, eyeliners and blush cream. Here are the top 10 things to take care when doing make up.

1. Careful cosmetics use

Being injured is the last thing you should go through in the process of makeup application. Avoid being injured by the makeup applicators. Your eyes should be guarded from glittery makeup because they may contain components that are harmful to the eye. Please protect your vision so that you are able to see the effects of your application. If you realize that the particular makeup is affecting you it is good for you to avoid it to prevent further damage. Make sure that you have a maximum level of concentration before applying eye makeup.

2. Hygiene observation

For your safety and admirable results please thoroughly wash your face and hands before starting application. This should also be done before placing your hands in the makeup bag. A hand sanitizer will be of great use and wash applicators such as sponges and brushes. Hot water washing is the most ideal means of washing. We recommend that you soak your eye lash curler in hydrogen peroxide for some time then it should be wiped by a piece of cloth that is clean. For better care please have a regular cleaning of the makeup bag.

3. Old make up

The chances that your old makeup has expired are very high. They are not safe for use. Your lip-gloss and lipstick should be replaced every 6 months. Whether the liquid foundation is water or oil based toss it after 6 months. The same principle is applied to mascara.

4. Do not share

Sharing any form of makeup will definitely compromise your health. Strictly use your own and never be tempted to use anybody else’s. Viruses as well as bacteria are transferred through this behavior. Please avoid degrading skin infections.

5. Storage

The way you store your makeup will determine its lifespan. The quality is also compromised with poor storage. Keep your valuable makeup far from extreme heat.

6. Fragile areas

Fragile and fine body parts such as the eye as well as lips must be taken good care of. Your special attention will prevent unnecessary ailments.

7. Makeup containers

It is wise to close these containers after use. This should be done tightly to prevent the makeup from hastened damage.

8. Purchasing

The place you buy any commodity determines if you will likely buy fake or original products. Online purchases should be done with great care. This is among top 10 things to take care when doing make up.

9. Cosmetics mixing

Never mix cosmetics at any particular time. Each body part has its own type of makeup. This precaution aids in avoiding bacterial development.

10. Quality

Despite the fact that shopping must be in line with your budget, it is rational to consider quality. Professionals will help you avoid health issues caused by imitated beauty products.

In conclusion, makeup enhances our beauty. Apply makeup with a keen health consideration. Do not compromise your health with beauty products. This information was retrieved from

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